Miyazaki Marathon

This past Sunday, David and I had a good ol’ movie marathon. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday or a better person to spend it with.
We decided to watch Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli films. Spirited Away is one of my all time favorite films and since Miyazaki said his newest film, The Wind Rises will be his last, I thought it’s a great time for a retrospective.

Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

Princess Mononoke (1997)

I know a lot of people say this is one of the best anime movie of all time but I have to respectfully disagree. I felt like I was watching a bad play.

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

Castle in the Sky (1986)

The Castle of Cagliostro


Why ‘Arab Money’ Makes No Sense.

In 2008, Busta Rhymes (I know, I know, bear with me), came out with a song called “Arab Money”.

I would like to point out that while a few people in Islamic countries have a lot of money, 80-90% of people make less than $5,000 USD per year. So yes, Busta Rhymes, I guess you are getting “Arab Money”.

Whacked Out Wednesday

A post on Kourntey Kardashian’s Instagram from a few weeks ago has been brought to my attention. Apparently this nellyperez86, has a seriously crazy grudge against Kourntey Kardashian. I’m not even sure what she’s going on about. So congrats nellyperez86, you win Crazy Person of the Week.


Stay tuned for a post on Celebrity Culture and Worship. Posts like these are almost unbelievable. I see stuff like this all the time on the Internet. Definitely warrants a blog post.

Have a good week guys!

Editors Note: No, I will not censor people’s usernames. It’s the Internet, anyone can find it. And if you put your crazy pants on be prepared for backlash.

Antonio Cromartie Should Probably Smoke a Little Less Weed

Antionio Cromartie, father of 12 and counting, has recently been interviewed about the state of the NFL pot ban, “”We’re just going to do it anyway,” Cromartie told interviewer Ashlee Ray on Thisis50.com, an entertainment website. “They just need to let it go. They need to go ahead and say, ‘Y’all go ahead, smoke it, do what you need to do.'” ESPN

You’re probably still at the part where Cromartie has 12 kids. I wish I was kidding. The kicker is, they’re by eight different women. Glossing over the complete idiocy of risking your health with random women, there is also ongoing financial obligations that comes with a child. Let alone 12. I actually feel bad for the kids. Not the moms, they knew what they were getting into (baby mama 1, 2 & 3 you maybe get a pass), but these children will never have the close relationship I have with my father. There’s no way with a lot of them living all over the country.

What I don’t understand is why these women wanted to be baby mama #X. I mean BM #7 & 8, what exactly did you gain? I’m sure the money you’ve received rivals only a week’s pay at McDonald’s. So what’s the point? Why risk your health and your life for someone that plays for the Jets? This ain’t the Patriots by a long shot. Why have a child who will never know their father on any deep level? One can only guess.

And Mr. Cromartie, at what point is 5 kids enough? Or 7? Or 10? At what point do you think to yourself, hmmm I already have 6 more kids than I can afford, I better use a condom…?

It’s one of life’s great questions. Instead of asking his position on weed. I wanna know what goes through his head when he gets into bed with someone. Would make for a much more interesting story.

What’s Popular Ain’t Always Right: A Look at Lululemon Hate and Cultural Self-Centeredness

We live in a world with millions of choices. Where to eat, where to go to school, where to shop. And literally everyone is competing for our money. If the constant sales and value menu items are any indication, it is definitely a buyers market.

Recently, I’ve been noticing absolute ire for companies that do not cater to everyone. Specifically, Lululemon. These days it’s cool to hate on Lulu. A quick google search will lead you to HUNDREDS of articles and blog posts with people disavowing Lululemon yoga pants. But to say they don’t support plus sized women would be a misstep.

So why hate Lululemon? I find the mentality similar to those on the J. Crew Aficionada website who hate J. Crew because the company does not cater to their specific, ever-changing, individual needs and wants.


According to the online angry mob, Lululemon does not carry sizes larger than a US12. Lane Bryant does not carry smaller sizes. But no one is boycotting them. There are plenty of plus size athletic wear companies. So I’m not sure what the problem is, there seems to be something for everyone.

And when is it okay to take one person and attribute their horrible actions to everyone that’s somehow affiliated with them? Oh yeah. People do that all the time. To blacks, Arabs, Asians. Okay Carry on.

But seriously, this woman wrote an entire blog post titled “Lululemon: Are Those Leggings Really Worth Your Soul?” (Yes it’s really titled that), and after referencing the murder of Jayna Murray, she goes on to state “these people [lululemon employees] are insane”. Not that the murderer, Brittany Norwood, is insane, but the entire company. I highly doubt Ms. Norwood’s retail job caused her to murder another person. More than likely she would’ve murdered someone while working anywhere.

Lululemon is definitely under fire, and it seems that the Huffington Post is leading the charge. In the past few years, The Huffington Post has written over 40 negative articles about Lululemon. So much so the retail store has it’s own landing page on the website.




No other legitimate news source (if you can call HuffPo that) has taken up so many gigabytes to report on yoga pants. Maybe the powers that be at Lululemon forgot to pay off AOL for good press. Because HuffPo definitely has a hard on for them.

This is probably the best example of hive mindset I have ever seen. HuffPo continually writes about how Lululemon are such evil bastards, so people jump onboard and start to believe it.

Despite everyone’s hysteric claims to never shop there again, Lululemon’s revenue has actually been going up. According to reports, net revenue for the quarter increased 20% to $379.9 million from $316.5 million in the third quarter of fiscal 2012. I know my local Lulu has been packed every time I walked by.


Despite any PR mistakes Lululemon has made, they don’t deserve the hate they receive. Companies are run by people and people are flawed. And as far as companies go, Lulu seem to at least care about their customers. As stated earlier, we have choices. If you don’t like Lululemon, there are at least 6 other high end athletic wear companies I can think of off the top of my head. Just choose another one.