GMPent and Conspicuous Consumption

So this guy, gmpent, on instagram I’ve really taken an interest in. He posts various luxury items, you know, like Starbucks and Lululemon (hey, everyone knows how luxurious Starbucks is) and that’s pretty much his account in a nutshell, no family, no friends, not even pictures of himself. Just his credit cards.

And it’s all just a bit…weird.


Conspicuous consumption is rampant these days. So this guy is not original by any means, but the whole centurion card in the froyo is just…weird. It seems his entire life is just cars and two credit cards. Which is really really sad. And I am being so serious when I say every picture has his credit card in it. The credit card in the food is just gross. Do you realize all the places your credit card has been? The tables, counters and other germ-laden public places? And you put that right in your food. Yuck. Anything for Instagram, right?



Because nothing screams ‘nouveau riche’ quite like posing with your credit cards

So what is he trying to say? What is the goal of his account? I honestly don’t know. Perhaps to tell people he has a lot of money. If that’s the case, congrats gmpent! You have a lot of money. Maybe he’s unafraid of being robbed (remember what happened to Soulja Boy?). Or maybe someone should just buy him a proper wallet.

Perhaps this is all some weird joke that I, and a lot of other people, don’t get. If so, bravo gmpent!